Covid-19 Lockdown - How I've been keeping myself busy

April 10, 2020  •  1 Comment

I hope you are all well, safe and staying at home. So we are now into week three of lockdown and its certainly felt like a lot longer, but we have to keep ourselves busy in these times and I've certainly tried my best to do so. So whats been going on at Tim Dove Photography lockdown Towers?. Well from a general family perspective, as my Wife is still working from home and I'm not currently working, I've been Daddy day care, which I have to admit is a tough old gig and certainly dominates the vast majority of my time. It's not easy keeping these little folk entertained during lockdown but I've done my best keeping them busy with plenty of activities. More importantly I seem to be holding up pretty well to.....yes I'm a brave soul indeed. I think the kids are definitely enjoying having us around more and hopefully we are keeping them happy and safe through these difficult times. 

Grafting away at Tim Dove Photography lockdown Towers: 

Tim at Home  (1 of 1)Tim at Home (1 of 1)

In terms of photography, well I've seen this as a really good opportunity to give my website a much needed update and overhaul. It had been a couple of years since I really refreshed everything and I had kind of taken my foot off the pedal a little. I wasn't writing as much content as I should or updating the site with all my latest images and the shop section was none existant, these where all areas I had identified as needing to be sorted. First things first I had changed the look and feel of the website. It really was all a bit to dark and I wanted to make it brighter and fresher looking. So I used a new template which was really clean looking and simplistic, I want the images to do the talking. In terms of layout I still wanted to have my galleries but also I added a third gallery which was going to be my dedicated shop, I thought this would make it easier for the visitor. I changed up my blog to be a blog and news section, which would be a good way to keep everybody up to date on what I was up to. 

New fresh look to the old Website:


Once I'd changed the look of the site, I then started getting all my images in order and uploading all my recent work and getting rid of some images which I just had on the site as a bit of a filler to boost the numbers. I then looked to get the shop up and running again. I had kind of halted my shop, as I really wasn't sure on the direction I was heading and it had all be come a bit of a mess, I didn't want to sell all my images, as some I wouldn't have been comfortable hanging on my wall, let alone a paying customer. So I set up a shop gallery, where, moving forward I will only put my best work and ones I'm really happy to show off and promote. I had a good look through and made my decisions on which images would go in the shop, once I'd made my choices I then made sure all the files where print ready. Once this was done, I had to decide on what products I wanted to offer. So I now offer photographic prints in both standard and fine art papers in various sizes, framed prints, digital downloads and also a selection of canvases. The shop is really quick and easy to use and should make it a doddle for people to order. All products are produced by a leading print house and I'm quite excited to getting moving this when lockdown is over.

As well as the look of the website and the shop, I've also started to add a lot more content to the site. I always intended to write a lot of blogs and while I have written some, I never got around to writing as many as I intended too. I also wanted to have a variety of blogs on the website, so general adventures and trips out, more learning based blogs and also location guides. So thats what I've started to do. I have started a mini series of Beginners guide to Lake District Photography locations, I've also now have some 'Learn' blogs and also the general waffling blogs will continue as usual. I will also update all my latest news on the blog section. I felt this was another good way to add content and keep everybody up to date on the latest goings on with Tim Dove Photography. One of my pet hates with websites, is when they are not updated on a regular basis and I'm ashamed to say I had fallen into that trap, so I really had to sort it out. I also want to get myself up the Google rankings for my search terms, for example for 'Lake District Photography Prints' I'm well down the pecking order, so getting content on should really help this. 

So this has been what has been keeping me busy over the last few weeks and I will be continuing to add content and also keep you up to date on how I'm getting on. Oh and one more thing......I've been drinking a lot of tea as my favourite mug, the Old Man of Coniston, I have no idea why this was bought for me. Anyway I will leave you with a picture of me hard at work in my office (the dining room table) and my favourite mug (not my face). 

Stay safe and Keep smiling all.



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