NEWS: Chris Lewis Charity Landscape Print Auction

March 14, 2021  •  2 Comments

On the 6th February 2021, Chris Lewis, a member of the Patterdale Mountain Rescue team was seriously injured after a fall while on a rescue on Red Screes on the Kirkstone Pass. Chris suffered life altering injuries and will need medical support for the rest of his life. Sadly, this situation could have so easily been avoided as the people being rescued had broken Covid lockdown rules and come from another part of the country.  The events that unfolded on the 6th February have really resonated with the outdoor community, who have pulled together and raised a significant amount of money in support of Chris and his family.  

Scafell Winter Moods - This is my image that I have donated to the Auction:  

MRT Print  (1 of 1)MRT Print (1 of 1)

I'm absolutely honoured to have been asked to donate one of my prints to be auctioned in support of Chris. The charity auction features 23 of the top UK Landscape photographers like Mark Littlejohn, Nigel Danson and Verity Milligan to name but a few. There is some absolutely stunning images up for grabs and it is such a worth while cause. The auction is open until the 13th April and has already raised over £3000 in its first couple of days which is amazing. I have offered an A3 signed Giclee fine art print image called Scafell Winter Moods. I have put the link for the auction here and it would be wonderful if you could put in a bid to really help Chris and his family out. 

If you have any questions then please do let me know.



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