My Favourite Images of 2023 Part 1

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So here we are again, another retrospective glance back of the last 12 months of photography. I will be honest, this year has been a struggle for me. I've found the balance of work, family life and a huge helping of demotivation hasn't combined well with my photography. Having said that, when I have managed to get out I've very much enjoyed myself and produced some images I'm really quite pleased of. So much so as I planned this blog and started looking at images it became apparent that I'm going to have to split this blog up as I was simply not willing to chop down my selections. There has definitely been some WOW moments, epic weather conditions, stunning views and some trips out that will live long in the memory. So here is part 1 of 2023 and the Winter months. 

Six Years in Making:

The classic view from Loughrigg Fell over Loughrigg Tarn, Elterwater and toward Great Langdale is certainly a scene I've captured many times over the years. However I've had a specific shot in mind and I've been wanting to catch it for the last 6 years. Well in January, I finally got the chance. The composition was set, it was just a matter of waiting for the right conditions - moody clouds, gorgeous light and a splattering of snow on the fells. Definitely worth the 6 year wait and more visits than I care to remember. A great start to the year. Loughrigg Fell - Winter GoldLoughrigg Fell - Winter GoldA stunning morning on Loughrigg Fell looking towards Langdale with a dusting of snow on the fells. Visiting New Locations:

One thing I have tried to do this year is find new locations to fuel my creativity and motivation. It can become a little boring visiting the same locations, so to visit and potential find something that hasn't been shot before is very rewarding and stimulating. These two images perfectly represents that. I can't recall seeing either images before and that's very satisfying. It was also a wonderful morning out with great company and amazing views. Scafell and Burnmoor Tarn covered in some gorgeous morning light and more epic light over Burnmoor Tarn and Upper Eskdale.

Burnmoor Tarn LightBurnmoor Tarn LightLooking out from the side of Illgill Head to Burnmoor Tarn and Scafell beyond.

Light Over Burnmoor Tarn:

Breaking Light over Burnmoor TarnBreaking Light over Burnmoor TarnGorgeous light breaking across Burnmoor Tarn, Great How, Hardknott Fell, the Coniston Fells and Harter Fell.

Braving the storm:

Another image from the dramatic Western Lake district in February. I'd headed to Upper Eskdale hoping to catch some winter drama and I certainly did. I really like this image, yes it lacks my favourite ingredient for landscape photography...light, but what it lacks in that it makes it up with a strong composition and bags of drama and mood. I was absolutely pelted with an almighty hail storm and it was certainly a challenge but being out in these conditions can make for striking images. 

Hardknott Fell - Winter MoodHardknott Fell - Winter MoodA moody afternoon on the wonderful Hardknott Fell. The snow showers dancing across the Scafell Massif and upper Eskdale. Views don't come more dramatic.


Alpine Lake District:

Another trip that will live long in the memory. There was a huge amount of effort which went into this image, from trudging through knee deep snow in the dark, to waiting in freezing whiteout conditions for it to clear. However when it did clear it was absolutely stunning. Looking out from Black Sails towards The Langdale Pikes, Pike O'Blisco, Bow Fell, Crinkle Crags and the Scafells beyond. A pleasing composition for me as there is a lot of layers and elements to contend with and it was difficult to balance the scene. 

Snow and RockSnow and RockA beautiful snowy winters morning on Black Sails looking out over Greenburn, Wetside End, Scafell and the Langdale Fells. A very fine view indeed.

An Old Friend: 

Next on the list is from another of my favourite locations which I try to visit at least once a year...Harter Fell. I've never been when there has been snow, so when the opportunity presented itself, well I was up there like a shot.  I loved the contrast in this shot with the warm sun across the Scafells and the cooler tones of the snow on the flanks of Harter Fell. This was just an opportunist hand held shot as the sun hit the snow, not planned just a reactionary shot....which are sometimes the most satisfying.

Harter Snow PortraitHarter Snow Portrait

A Return to a classic with a Twist:

Blea Tarn is a Lake District classic, shot more times than well....a very well shot thing. Now I tend to avoid it like the plague, however I was on a lovely Winters stroll with the family which took in Blea Tarn. We stopped for our lunch and the winter light, frozen tarn was just too good to not get the camera out and grab a few shots. While walking back towards Great Langdale I turned around to notice the most amazing light across the set of trees behind Blea Tarn, so I grabbed a couple of shots before the light went. I really like this shot, its always good to find different angles and unique shots. It also goes to show you can get great shots in the middle of the day as well.  

blea frozen copyblea frozen copy

Blea with a Twist:

blea lightblea light

So that's January, February and March covered, not a bad little selection and some good winter conditions. In the next blog I will take a look at Spring and Summers. So stay tuned.

Keep smiling



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