My Favourite Images of 2023 Part 3

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Final delve in to 2023. Probably going to be slightly shorter than the previous as the end of 2023 was a little bit leaner due to weather, work and family stuff. Winter is always a tricky one for me due to the daylight hours and as a result my productivity drops significantly. However I did manage some trips out and a couple, I have to say, being pretty darn memorable to say the least. In fact the two trips out in general will probably for the basis of this blog. So less of the waffle and let's get straight to it.

I avoid that place like the plague: 

Certain locations I really don't like visiting as they just don't float my boat. I like to be inspired by my location and some, on paper, just don't hold my attention or interest. Well I did say on paper, there are however some occasions when even the locations that don't inspire me do and I'm proved utter wrong with my opinions. This was definitely the case back in September. We were hit with some gorgeous foggy and still conditions and they leant themselves perfectly to a certain location. So off I trotted expecting a packed Tarn Hows with many photographers, in fact what I got was peace and quiet and the most wonderful conditions. The fog was heavy and the reflections like a mirror. I took a fair few images but I think when the mist started to clear and a touch of light broke through, these are my favourite images of the shoot. It just goes to show that in the any location, no matter how uninspiring it maybe to you can be spectacular in the right weather conditions. This was definitely the case and I was certainly inspired on that day. 

Tarn Hows Reflections:

Tarn Hows - Clearing CalmTarn Hows - Clearing CalmBeautiful clearing mists and reflections at Tarn Hows, Southern Lake District.

Tarn Hows - Clearing Mists:

Tarn Hows LightTarn Hows LightA rare moment of light breaking on a foggy day at Tarn Hows.

My word it paid off in the end:

Definitely the best conditions I've been witnessed to this year. I really had to withstand a brutal battering from Mother Nature before I got my reward. I don't think I've ever been so wet and cold as I was on this morning. I'd headed up to Pike O'Blisco for a specific shot, however after reaching the summit the low cloud and heavy rain swept in and I was pelted for nearly two hours with no shelter. Eventually the rain subsided to leave a very wet and cold photographer but also a gorgeous inversion over Great Langdale. The inversion alone was stunning but when it started to clear and the sun came out, well......what can I say? It was truly breath taking, drama, cloud inversion, amazing light, had it all. I literally took over 300 images, however my favourite are the ones below. Both are handheld panoramas of Great Langdale. I think this shoot will live long in the memory and also it was a timely boost after a fair few failed attempts. The moral of the story is to just stick it out and you'll get your just rewards. So for a number of reasons these have to go on the highlight list from 2023. 

Great Langdale Panoramic Moods:

Great Langdale PanoramaGreat Langdale PanoramaA 9 shot handheld Panorama of Great Langdale taken from Blake Rigg on a wonderful atmospheric morning.

Old Dungeon Ghyll Revealed:

Great Langdale - The RevelationGreat Langdale - The RevelationClearing mists revealing the Great Langdale Valley covered in splashes of gorgeous light.

The Great Blizzard of 2023:

Final images in these wee collection and some very welcome snow in the Lake District. Maybe a little too much snow for some as it caused absolute havoc. I was going to head into the Lakes but a last minute check of the weather chanced my mind and I'm really pleased I did as I wouldn't have got home. So I set off on foot to a lovely collection of trees I've shot a few times and before in snow but I wanted another crack at them. Well the conditions were near perfect, driving snow, white out conditions and the final touch of Autumn colour on the trees. I shot the trees from two different angles and I rather like both of them and they were exactly what I was after. Another one ticked off the return to list and a great way to end my round up of 2023. 

The Collective: 

The CollectiveThe CollectiveThis gorgeous set of Larch trees braving the blizzard conditions.

The Collective II:

The Collective IIThe Collective II

So that's it from 2023, interesting as one I look back on with a little frustration and lack of motivation, however its actually been very productive and I've really enjoyed some the images I've taken. Yes I would have liked to get out more, but sometimes you just have to accept this and enjoy the times that you do get out with the camera. Overall a very pleasing year and I'm now looking forward to 2024 and which direction my photography will go in. Thanks for all the support as usual and wishing you all the best for 2024.

Keep smiling



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